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Solution and solid state NMR

From the 51st ENC in Asilomar (2011):

Document icon The Metalobolomics of Argininosuccinate Synthetase (ASS) Expression in Human Cancer by 1H-NMR. (1.0MB)

From the 47th ENC in Asilomar (2006):

Document icon NMR characterization of the pH 4 beta intermediate of the Prion Protein. (0.7MB)

From the 2nd Portugese/Brazilian NMR Conference (ELBRMN) Sintra, September 2003:

Document icon Structure elucidation of a mulluscicidal compound from the leaves of Annona Muricata L. (Annonaceae). (0.5MB)

From the 41st ENC in Asilomar (2000):

Document icon Adding Database features to spectrometer software.

From the 1999 RSC International Meeting in Edinburgh:

Document icon DQF-COSY with WATERGATE - Putting the Cart before the Horse.

From the 1998 ENC in Asilomar:

Document icon A Study of Peptide-Water Interactions Through 2D- WATERGATE - NOESY and ROESY and 1D Off- resonance ROESY Experiments: Application to Lys- vasopressin

From the 1996 ENC in Asilomar:

Document icon Maximum Entropy Baseline Correction of NMR Spectra - a Comparison of Methods.

From the 1992 EENC in Lisbon:

Document icon Showing how to get SECSY or LR-COSY from COSY data. (3.9MB)
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