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Solution and solid state NMR

Downloading data

Please select the spectrometer you want data from. For post-graduate data you will need a QMUL computing password. When you have collected your data use the logout link to exit the server.

  • Data run for Advanced Experimental and Advanced Practical classes Adv_exp
  • The Bruker AV600 Spectrometer, run using IconNMR AV600
  • The Bruker AV600 Spectrometer, manually run data AV600
  • The Bruker AV400 Spectrometer AV400
  • The Bruker AVIII 400 Spectrometer AVIII 400
  • Older data run at QMUL: Archives

Once you have downloaded your data you will need to un-zip it before it can be opened with suitable NMR processing software. You will find links to such software here.
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